From the Audubon site: "The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is a long-standing program of the National Audubon Society, with over 100 years of citizen science involvement. It is an early-winter bird census, where thousands of volunteers across the US, Canada and many countries in the Western Hemisphere, go out over a 24 hour period on one calendar day to count birds."

The current Christmas Bird Count (CBC) data for State College (or any other region and circle in the western hemisphere) is available on the Audubon web page by clicking on "Current Year", selecting a region, and then selecting a circle. If you do that for the region Pennsylvania and the circle State College, you will see the results from the most recent State College CBC.

Similarly, you can view the data for any year for any region and circle by going to Audubon web page and clicking on Historical Results and following the instructions. For State College, you can choose a single year or a range of years from 1940 to the present. The result is a web page with a table of data for the range you specified.

The species seen during a State College CBC are about the same from year to year. The State College Christmas Bird Count for 1998 is just one representative year, and is included here because the list is more immediately available than by going to the Audubon site.

All of the State College CBC data from 1940 to the present may be downloaded from our web site as a single file (see Download List below). The data is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to view the data, you will need Excel or software that can interpret data in Excel format. The data here should be identical to the data on the Audubon web site. Similarly, the Huntingdon CBC data from 1984 to 2015 may be downloaded from the list below.

The static maps of the State College CBC circle (350KB) and Bald Eagle State Park (680KB) CBC circle show the approximate boundaries of the count circles. Note that some browers (e.g., Firefox) display a smaller image which you can expand by clicking on the image.

The State College circle PASC is centered at the coordinates 40.8,-77.8 which are recorded at Audubon. This circle map shows more precise detail with zooming and dragging capability (click on MAP OPTIONS to get a full screen display of the map). You can use that site to draw any circle at any coordinates. To see the PASC circle in Google Earth (you must have Google Earth on your computer), OPTION-click (MAC) this link to download a 5KB kml file to your DOWNLOADS folder (or CTRL-click on a Windows keyboard), and in Google Earth click FILE/OPEN on the menu bar and OPEN the downloaded file CBCPASC.kml. Then, for example, you can use the Google tool RULER to find the distance between any two points or the length of a path or road within the circle. Google Earth is a free computer program (uncheck the box at the top or the Google Chrome browser will be bundled in the download).

Similarly, the Bald Eagle circle PABE is centered at 41.016700, -77.666700, and to see the circle in Google Earth, download the file CBCPABE.kml as above and follow that procedure.

Alternatively, to view any detailed CBC map in North America, visit the Audubon webpage, scroll down and click on “Join the Christmas Bird Count“, and finally click on the link with “map view”. You should see a map of North America with yellow circles for registered CBCs. At the top left, click + or – to zoom in or out. To go directly to a circle, click on one of the yellow circles, or enter the name of a CBC like State College, PA, Huntingdon, PA, Spring Mills, PA, Cape May, NJ, etc., in the search box. Then zoom out until you see a yellow circle which you can click on to get details about the CBC including, Compiler, coordinates of the center, and Count date.

The text description of the Bald Eagle State Park CBC routes describes each of the routes.

The Christmas Bird Count Report Form (see Download List below) for both State College and Bald Eagle State Park is available for downloading as a Microsoft Word document with two pages. With a printer with duplexing, it should print a single page front and back. On a typical non-duplexingl home printer, you can print page 1, then flip the page over and print page 2.

Rare or extremely infrequent species require a few extra supporting details by filling out a Rare Bird Report (see Download List below) and mailing to a local compiler. The compilers are listed on the Christmas Bird Count Report Form mentioned above.

List of downloadable items

State College CBC data since 1940 157KB Excel spreadsheet click to download
CBC report form 40KB MS Word click to download
CBC Vehicle Survey Sign 80KB MS Word click to download
Rare bird form 40KB PDF click to download
State College Circle 350KB JPG click to view
Bald Eagle SP Circle 680KB JPG click to view
BESP Routes 596KB PDF click to download
Huntingdon CBC data 1984-2015 64KB Excel spreadsheet click to download