The current Christmas Bird Count (CBC) data for Bald Eagle State Park (BESP) or any other region and circle in the western hemisphere is available on the Audubon web site by clicking on "Current Year's Results", selecting a region, and then selecting a circle. If you do that for the region Pennsylvania and the circle Bald Eagle State Park, you will see the results from the most recent BESP CBC.

Similarly, you can view the data for any year for any region and circle by going to Audubon web site and clicking on Historical Results and following the instructions. For BESP, you can choose a single year or a range of years from 19?? to the present. The result is a web page with a table of data for the range you specified.

The species seen during a BESP CBC are about the same from year to year. The BESP CBC for 1999 is just one representative year, and is included here because the list is more immediately available than by going to the Audubon site.

The Christmas Bird Count Report Form for both State College and Bald Eagle State Park is available for downloading as a Microsoft Word document with two pages. With an office printer with duplexing, it should print a single page front and back. On a typical home printer, you can print page 1, then flip the page over and print page 2.