The State College Bird Club focuses on the birds within the 25 mile (40.2336 km) radius circle centered at (40.7964,-77.8630) which is a point on the Old Main Building on the Penn State campus. The static map below is a rough approximation (scanned from the 2002 edition of the publically distributed Pennsylvania Official Transportation and Tourism map).

A far more accurate map with zooming and dragging capability is available here (to get a FULL SCREEN display of the map, scroll down and click on MAP OPTIONS and then FULL SCREEN). Please note that the copyright restrictions permit only viewing on a computer through a web browser like Firefox or Safari.

To see the circle in Google Earth (you must have Google Earth on your computer), OPTION-click (on a MAC) this link to download a 5KB kml file to your DOWNLOADS folder (or CTRL-click on a Windows computer), and in Google Earth click FILE/OPEN on the menu bar and OPEN the downloaded file SCBIRDCLCircle.kml. Then, for example, you can use the Google tool RULER to find the distance between any two points or the length of a path or road within the circle. Google Earth is a free computer program (uncheck the box at the top or the Google Chrome browser will be bundled in the download).