Stone Mountain Hawkwatch (elevation 2100) was established 1991 and is on the Huntingdon-Mifflin County border in central Pennsylvania, 20 miles south of State College. September 1 through mid-November, the site is usually covered on weekends and sporadically during the week. Coverage into December depends on weather conditions. Best days are on NW or W winds. The hawkwatch platform is located on a trail 1/3 mile north of the crossing of Stone Mt ridge by the Allensville (dirt) road - a very rocky 10 minute walk for the nimble; difficult for some folks. Detailed directions are below the table. Contact Greg Grove if you have questions about the data or directions.

Hawkwatch at Stone Mountain 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Avg
Bald Eagle71625131833423253372527
Northern Harrier59508198118616286145595279
Sharp-shinned Hawk823755697977100811901166994838584788893
Cooper's Hawk10694112143170250255309249146269191
Northern Goshawk2566241125201515913
Red-shouldered Hawk6143577010848678765368066
Broad-winged Hawk8466789821134142416356071890321410274251260
Swainson's Hawk010000100110
Red-tailed Hawk13447461351873212589115431693131189312351273
Rough-legged Hawk221150348113
Golden Eagle459712050936210992137799189
American Kestrel981261181792131141221571265093127
Peregrine Falcon12191515252939473217924


Detailed directions to the Stone Mt Hawk Watch.

Go south on Rt 26 to Pine Grove Mills. Turn left (up the mountain) at the only traffic light (blinking) and cross over Tussey Mt. into Huntingdon Co. Continue south several miles to the first small town - McAlevy's Fort. It is about 9.5 miles from Pine Grove Mills to McAlevy's Fort.

Just after the fire station and bridge at McAlevy's Fort, at the STOP sign (first one after Pine Grove Mills) - turn left (carefully) onto Rt 305 (also called Greenwood road). Go 0.7 mile, past a large brick church on the left, and then immediately turn right onto Barr road. Continue on this winding road for 0.6 miles. Turn left onto Davis road and follow downhill for approx. 1.2 miles. Turn right onto East Branch Road and follow for 1.6 miles to left turn onto Allensville road (dirt - but drivable except during snow-/ice).

Follow Allensville road 3 miles to VERY TOP of mountain (on the way up, ignore a left and then two right turns). Park on the left near the Huntingdon/Mifflin county marker. Enter the woods on the trail on the Northeast side of the road (on your left as you reach the mountain top; on the Huntingdon county side of the marker). Walk 1/4 mile on the orange-blazed Standing Stone Trail along the ridge top.. You can't miss the platform if you STAY ON THE TRAIL ON TOP OF THE RIDGE TOP.