State College Bird Club

December 13, 2017

State College Bird Club Meeting, December 13, 2017

Presiding: Doug Wentzel

by Madison Botch (temporary substitute for Debra Grim)

Jennifer Shirk – Citizen Science
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

What do we need to change the world?:
-    Information
-    Experience
-    Shared understanding

Backyard Bird Count
-    Occurrence map

Reasons to ebird:
-    “Donate brain to science” campaign didn’t work
-    “Use as your list tool” campaign successful

Example: Integrating inquiry curriculum

Citizen Science Association (CSA)

Galaxyzoo- people are investing their time because they know it makes a difference


ALLARM -> alliance for aquatic resource management
-    low budget, high expectations

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

More collaboration + more data + more trust = better management

Sustainable development goals -> educate -> pbs series -> list of citsci projects

Golden gate raptor observatory program