State College Bird Club

January 27, 2016

State College Bird Club
Minutes for 27 January 2016

The State College Bird Club met the evening of 27 January2016 at Foxdale Village. Thirty-two members and guests were present. Diane Bierly presided. There was no Secretary’s report, but Dorothy Bordner gave the Treasurer’s report. There was no listing of upcoming field trips. Greg Grove read the checklist; 104 species were reported. Rarities included the continuing Western Tanager.

The next meeting will be held 24 February and will feature Jesse Lasky, who will speak on the reactions of tropical birds to human impacts on the environment.

The speaker this month was Tom Pluto, who discussed the 3rd Pennsylvania Reptiles and Amphibians Atlas Survey, which is starting the fourth year of a ten year project. Reptiles and amphibians are important because they represent a greater portion of the biomass than all other vertebrates combined. They are also important cogs in the food chain, and a high representation of them in a habitat usually indicates a healthy landscape.

Minutes taken by Nan Butkovich