State College Bird Club

October 23, 2013

The State College Bird Club met at Foxdale Village on October 23, 2013.  Approximately 35 members and guests attended, including two first-time visitors. Diane Bierly presided.

•    The minutes of the September 25 meeting were read.
•    In Dorothy Bordner’s absence, Diane presented the Treasurer’s Report.
•    Ro Fuller said the next meeting would be on November 20, and that the program would be presented by Mark and Ruth Henry.
•    Membership chairperson Megan Orient reported that 18 individuals, 12 families, and 8 supporting members had paid their annual dues.
•    Greg Grove gave an update on the status of efforts to prevent construction of wind farms on Jack’s and Stone Mountain.
•    Diane mentioned that she had received information on the effort to save Colyer Lake. Bird club members can get information and make a donation at
•    Greg Grove read the checklist of species seen within 25 miles of Old Main since September 25. Some species of note were Nelson’s Sparrow and Northern Goshawk.

•    Field Trips – Joe Verica reported a Bald Eagle State Park field trip was scheduled for November 17 in collaboration with PSO. Ian Gardner was also leading a field trip to Bear Meadows on the upcoming Sunday.

Upcoming events
•    The PA Native Plant Society had a meeting scheduled for November 9 at the Penn State Ag Sciences Building.

The evening’s program was by Peter Hudson, PSU Professor of Biology and Director of the Huck Institute. His talk was called “Chasing Birds and Heroes… around the Globe.” Dr. Hudson described his birding and research trips around the world, and related his travels to the famous scientists, naturalists, and writers who inspired him. He is also an accomplished photographer, and presented his stunning photographs to accompany his talk.

Submitted by Ron Crandall, Secretary.