State College Bird Club

March 28, 2012

The State College Bird Club met at Foxdale Village on March 28, 2012.  Thirty-three members and guests attended; Nick Kerlin presided.


•    In Nan Butkovich’s absence, Nick read the minutes of the Jan. 25 meeting.
•    Dorothy Bordner presented the Treasurer’s report and read the checklist. 
•    Nick drew attention to the proposed revision of the Club’s by-laws that he had emailed to the list.
•    Larry Ramsey made a motion to accept the new by-laws, and the membership approved the motion.
•    Greg Grove reminded everyone that their dues are (still) due.
•    Elections will be held at next month’s April 25 meeting. See Larry Ramsey if you wish to nominate a candidate.


•    Rails To Trails is selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser.
•    Field Trips – Ian Gardner will lead a walk in Huntingdon County on 4/28 & Joe Verica is working on a possible field trip in May.
•    Cindy Petrick will be researching the Club’s history. Thanks to her.
•    Nick said that bird banding at the Arboretum had begun, and had been hampered so far by windy weather. There will also be upcoming guided walks at the Arboretum.

Upcoming events

•    April 25 meeting: Drew Weber will give a presentation on Habitat Associations of Farmland Birds.
•    May 23 @6:00pm – Club Potluck at Greenwood Furnace.
•    May 5th is the Birding Cup.
•    May 12 @ 7:30 - Bird walk at Scotia led by the Clearwater Conservancy.
•    Also on May 12 – Bald Eagle State Park Bird Festival & PA Migration Count.
•    April 15 (2 to 5pm) Millbrook Earth Day & Birthday event. Bird club will have a booth (need volunteers).
•    May 18-20: PSO  Conference in Lock Haven.


Don Bryant gave a presentation on Raptors & Birds of Australia, including his amazing photographs. He visited Bowra Station and other sites in Queensland and Darwin, in the north, from Sept. 5 to 25 in 2010.  Bowra Station had formerly been a sheep station, and has now become a birding “mecca”.

Don and his group saw almost all of Australia’s 24 diurnal raptors, and photographed most of them.

An interesting eagle Don saw there was the Wedge-tailed Eagle. Much of its diet consists of scavenging.

Don saw both of Australia’s two rarest raptors, the Red Goshawk and Gray Falcon, and photographed the Red Goshawk. One raptor he missed seeing was the Swamp Harrier. Australia’s raptors include a number of species of kite and falcon.

Don described and had great photos of many of Australia’s water birds, parrots/cockatoos, and passerines. 

Don concluded the program with photos of mammals and other animals of Australia.

Minutes taken by Ron Crandall.