State College Bird Club
16 November 2011

The State College Bird Club met at Foxdale Village on 16 Nov. 2011.  Thirty-six members and guests attended; Joe Verica presided.

Announcements - none

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Mark and Ruth Henry recently went to Panama on a birding trip, and Mark gave a report on what they saw.  They stayed in two areas: Canopy Lodge, near El Ville, and Canopy Tower, a renovated radar station.  At Canopy Lodge some of the bird species that they saw included Red-legged Honeycreepers, Tropical Screech-owls, Mottled Owls, Wedge-billed Woodcreepers, Orange-billed Trogons, and Spot-winged Tanagers. They also saw a couple species of sloth and agouti. In addition to a morning serenade by Howler Monkeys at Canopy Tower, they were treated to several several hummingbird species: White-necked Jacobin, Blue-chested Hummingbird, Green Honeycreeper, and Keel-billed Toucan. They also saw a Rufescent Tiger-heron.  While at Canopy Tower, they also visited Pipeline Rd., a well-known birding hotspot, where they were lucky enough to see a Harpy Eagle. 

Over the course of their trip they saw 278 bird species, and according to Mark they wouldn’t have seen nearly that many if it hadn’t been for the very knowledgeable guides at both locations.  Canopy Lodge was at a higher elevation, but both locations included a mix of habitats, including tropical forests, some agricultural areas, and savannahs.  Mark also recommended avoiding the rainy season by visiting Panama during the winter.
Minutes taken by Nan Butkovich, Secretary