State College Bird Club

23 February 2011

The State College Bird Club met at Foxdale Village on 23 February 2011.  Forty-four members and guests attended; Greg Grove presided.


•    Nan Butkovich read the minutes.
•    Dorothy Bordner presented the Treasurer’s report.
•    She also read the checklist.  Species of note that were reported as having been seen within 25 miles of the Penn State campus since 9 Feb. 2011 included Cackling Goose, Black Vulture, Lapland Longspur, and Trumpeter Swan. 


•    23 March: Wayne Laubscher will speak on birding in Costa Rica.

Upcoming events

•    25 Feb.:  Steve Colby starts at the Tussey Mountain Hawk Watch.
•    12 March:  Field trip to Middle Creek.


The presentation at this meeting as by Rob Criswell, who shared his knowledge regarding nature photography.   He began by discussing the two major types of digital cameras: point-and-shoot and single lens reflex.  He also went over the major types of lenses: fixed and zoom, macrolenses, telephoto and wide angle.  Other important equipment included a tripod and a flash attachment.  From there he went into a discussion of what makes a good photo… it doesn’t have to be a close-up to have an impact on the viewer.  It is also very important to know the habits of the animals that you are trying to photograph.  He continued with a discussion of different habitats and ways that you can attract wildlife to locations of your choosing.  He also noted that your vehicle can be an excellent blind.  The presentation concluded with photos from a number of locations that provide excellent opportunities for wildlife photography.

Minutes taken by Nan Butkovich, Secretary