26 September 2006

The State College Bird Club met at Schlow Library on 26 September 2006.  Forty-four members and guests attended; Jim Dunn presided. 


Nan Butkovich read the May meeting minutes, which were approved.  Dorothy Bordner read the Treasurer’s report and checklist.  Attendees reported 137 species within a 25 mile radius of Old Main since 1 September 2006.  Species of note included Eared Grebe at the PSU Retention Pond and Blue Grosbeak at Toftrees Pond.

No field trips are scheduled for the next month.  However, a trip to Bald Eagle State Park is scheduled for November.


Kim Van Fleet of Pennsylvania Audubon discussed the issues regarding proposed wind farms in Pennsylvania.  While there is much interest in developing alternate energy sources such as wind, each has environmental impacts that need to be considered.  In the case of wind energy these include forest fragmentation and potential threats to fauna, particularly birds and mammals.  As she pointed out, no one is denying the need for the development of alternative energy sources.  Pennsylvania Audubon has been working at the state and local level to help shape policies concerning the development so that the threats to the flora and fauna are reduced to acceptable levels.  One suggested method of doing this is to site wind farms on reclaimed strip mines instead of forested ridge tops. 

Recorded by

Nan Butkovich, Secretary