25 February 2004

            The February meeting of the State College Bird Club was held on February 25th. President Jim Dunn presided.   35  members and guests met at the State College Borough Building at 7:15. The minutes of the January meeting were read by Greg Grove and approved by members. Dorothy Bordner delivered the Treasurer’s Report.

             Greg also read the checklist: species of birds were seen between Feb.  5th and  and Feb 25th.   81 birds were seen.

            The February  manure chase led by Ro Fuller and Mark Henry featured horned larks and snow buntings as well as 4 raptor species including rough-legged hawk. The upcoming field trip will be early birds of  Huntingdon County led by Dave Kyler on March 6.  Also, Bob Snyder will lead a field trip at Bald Eagle State Park on March 21.

            Bob Mulvihill will be the speaker at the March meeting will update members on the Breeding Bird Atlas project which will proceed over the next few years.

            Dr. Don Bryant, professor of Microbiology at Penn State,  was the speaker for the evening.  Don recently traveled to southern Kenya and his trip focused on raptors. The area he traveled in was about 1 mile elevation and in the high plains.

            53 Raptor species were sighted including 2 owls.

Noted species were eagle owls, 10 falcons including several kestrel species, 2 kites, 8 vulture species including the nearly extirpated lammergeirer, 6 accipitors, 5 buzzards, snake eagles, fish eagles, and hawk eagles. Other non-raptor species of note were 5 species of kingfishers, several species of hornbills, and millions of flamingos.

            A leopard kill story highlighted his brush with mammals. 

Respectfully submitted.

Deborah S. Grove, March 24, 2004